Thursday, July 5, 2007

Chocolate jokes.

Monty Python - Whizzo Chocolate Company
He already had talked to the audience. He said, "It's a fair cop," meaning 'yes, I deserved that.' An often used phrase by the Pythons - usually directed toward the audience/camera.

D`Artz: Chocolate

Land of Chocolate.

If there really was a land of chocolate id live there. Oh and would not it be great if the chocolate tasted the same as normal had no bad stuff in it? like.....that would rule!!!

D`Artz : chocolate

Dark Chocolate ---> Good for Heart

Chocolate lovers can rejoice again: More research has found that the antioxidants in dark chocolate can help slightly lower blood pressure.

But the good news comes with a caveat -- the chocolate portions have to be limited to 30 calories a day, which works out to slightly more than one Hershey's Kiss.
Such small amounts of the flavanol-rich cocoa found in dark chocolate "may be a promising behavioral approach to lower blood pressure in individuals with above-optimal blood pressure," the German researchers reported in their study.

Unlimited quantities of chocolate won't work, they added, because "the potential blood pressure reduction contributed by the flavanols could be offset by the high sugar, fat and calorie intake with the cocoa products."

D`Artz: Dark Chocolate